We are one of the most experienced investment teams in Poland, having successfully led several dozen capital transactions in Central Europe. We are also the only Polish transaction advisory team with extensive investment experience, gained working at major private equity funds. By being supervisory board members of several enterprises, we provide shareholder supervision to our Clients assets.

We understand that every transaction is a unique challenge. Therefore, we do not use “standard” solutions, and we approach all Clients individually, endeavoring to first understand their needs and expectations. We strive to provide only top quality services. Our Clients value our innovativeness and proactivity, and professionalism in solving complex business problems. The success of a transaction is always the result of cooperation among the management, owners, and advisor.


    • During last twelve months we have closed transactions with a total value of over PLN 1.5 billion.
    • We have successfully closed more than 50 transactions and projects so far.
    • In 73% of the transactions we found more beneficial solutions than our Clients initially assumed.
    • In the course of the transaction processes, we raised the value for our Clients by 26% on average.
    • As a result of our transactions, the capitalization of our Clients increased on average by  272% within 5 years after the transaction.
    • We have secured over PLN 1 billion in development funding for our Clients.
    • As a result of our transactions, our Clients employed over 20 000 new staff.
    • Our transactions turned our Clients’ companies into key players in their sectors.
    • We have as many satisfied Clients as we have transactions.


Our Advantages:

    • We approach every transaction as a unique challenge.
    • We always provide full, personal support by experienced professional at every step of the transaction.
    • We do not subscribe to standards, having learned that only unique solutions, ensure success.


We always add value to transactions. And share it with our Clients.