The CIC team worked long and hard to ensure the timetable was adhered to and approaches as well as dialogues with potential buyers were handled to high standards. Mr Bledowski played a very important role in reaching agreement on key terms with the buyer and was closely involved until reaching a successful exit for the Fund. Mr Bledowski and his team are the skilled and effective sell side adviser who delivers!
CIC Corporate Finance was chosen as exclusive transaction advisor to sell 100% of Hanex, due to its long-lasting experience, industry expertise as well as strong track record of successful transaction closings. CIC was fully involved and dedicated to the project all through the process supporting the company in preparations for this challenging process. The CIC team’s unique skills including easy communication, creativity and analytical insight helped us to prepare the process smoothly and efficiently. The transaction execution (Company preparation, Information Memorandum, Management presentations) together with hard and efficient negotiations went perfectly well under the supervision of Rafał Bledowski. As a results, the Company was successfully sold in the competitive and time efficient process. Couldn’t expect more.
This complex transaction would not have happened without the professionalism of Enterprise Investors and our advisors – CIC Corporate Finance and CMS.
We find CIC as a comprehensive and professional advisor that drives transaction to a successful conclusion.
CIC team was leading and fully supporting us during the transaction process, taking care for all the aspects arising and dealing with a number of investors at the time. Hence we felt fully comfortable during the naturally demanding transaction process.
In 2016, CIC Corporate Finance completed the sale of 100% of shares in Gemini – the leading pharmacy chain in Poland – by organizing a competitive process to select the most suited investor to meet owners expectations and needs of the company. As a result of the process Warburg Pincus with management team took over the Gemini pharmacy chain. Many members of the CIC team have direct experience in private equity funds, what makes cooperation with them excellent. In the purchase project of Gemini pharmacies, CIC has proven to be extremely helpful, responsible and constructive advisor, managing complex sales of many companies at the same time, by a group of diverse investors.
The team represents an amalgam of hard skills, fundamental in M&A transactions advisory business as well as soft skills, that in a such competitive and intense emotional environment often determine the success.During the project of purchase of Druk Markuszewscy, CIC has proven to be extremely helpful, responsible, constructive and extremely durable adviser, managing complex sale process.
I worked with Rafał on the sale of our assets in Central and Eastern Europe. The transaction was the priority for us and we must have closed it in a very short time frame without any harm to the price achieved. Rafał and his team proved to work extremely efficiently under time pressure while keeping SwissCom’s highest professional standards at the same time.
After reaching a preliminary agreement with the investor we had selected, we thought the transaction only had to be technically finished. We then met CIC, which completely revolutionized our views on investor sourcing. We still had a long way to go together at that point before finally closing the transaction, but we achieved goals we did not dream of at the beginning.
We decided to task CIC with our strategic project of acquiring NOM Sp. z o.o. and securing necessary debt financing. The sale of NOM followed a tender formula, which put our team under heavy time and organizational pressure. In the course of the process, CIC demonstrated outstanding professionalism and great determination in pursuing the common goal.
CIC has extensive experience advising businesses on financial investor relations. The CIC team played an essential role at every step of the Akomex transaction. They successfully supported the agreement, allowing all parties to meet their main goals.
We have worked with CIC on more than one occasion, on either side of the fence. In all cases they demonstrated top professionalism and business ethics, but chiefly the rare skill of getting impossible jobs done.
CIC showed us alternative routes of company value growth and recommended the best one. Today we see that pointing us to the private equity market placed the company on the premier business tier. For us, CIC are simply professionals and reliable people.
CIC played an invaluable role in the investor sourcing transaction for Akomex. Not only did they successfully facilitate the transaction, but also showed us the development opportunities a well-chosen investor allows. This resulted in a dynamic surge in the company’s value. Now it is we who acquire other businesses and consolidate the market.
We also entrusted him with leading the sale process of Druk Pak. Rafał went outside our thought patterns and showed us alternative investors. And with one of them, we made a highly successful transaction. We certainly will work with him on future projects.
I have worked with Rafał Błędowski a number of times and each case proved highly satisfying. Rafał uniquely combines the skill of working with Polish businesses on the one hand and international corporations and financial institutions on the other. He is capable of using all of his tremendous experience to solve problems in key stages of a transaction.
We have worked with CIC Corporate Finance multiple times – always at strategic points in the development of Autopart S.A. CIC are an experienced team. With their commitment to the project, hard work, and search for optimum solutions, they have proven to be reliable partners, becoming key advisors both to me as the President and the owners of Autopart S.A.
We have worked with Rafał on a number of projects and have always been impressed by his professional support and effectiveness. Rafał is proficient at finding unorthodox solutions, an indispensable skill in difficult situations that arise during all transactions. He frequently breaks the established patterns and market standards, but only for the sole purpose of benefiting the client.