Polcode S.A.


Transaction Background

– Polcode is a provider of dedicated web applications, mobile and responsive design apps, as well as e-commerce solutions for customers in the US, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe.
– Polcode’s founder and owner decided to sell 100% of his shares.
– The management board decided to attempt a management buyout transaction to obtain 100% of shares.

Our Role

– Analyzing the company’s finances to determine possible transaction structures.
– Identifying potential capital investors and debt financing sources to finance the transaction.
– Securing the debt financing to support the Polcode share purchase.
– Leading the negotiation process of the transaction agreements, including the Polcode share purchase and investment agreements between the management and the investor.


– The consortium of capital investors and company management purchases 100% of Polcode S.A. shares.
– Buyout is supported by the debt financing.

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