Druk Intro S.A.


Transaction Background

– Druk Intro S.A. is a leading Polish printing company which gained a strong position at the local printing market by providing top quality services and adhering to strict production standards.
– The company owners – its founders and long-time managers – after many years of intense development decided to sell 100% of their shares.
– The owners of Druk Intro tasked CIC Corporate Finance with managing the sale process of their lifetime business achievement.

Our Role

– Analyzing the company’s strengths and weaknesses to select an optimal investor.
– Shortlisting the most appropriate financial and industry investors from Poland and Western Europe.
– Managing the competitive investor sourcing process.
– Managing and closing the transaction process.


– 100% of shares sold to a fund managed by White Eagle AG based in Switzerland.
– Very attractive valuation of the company.
– The new owner continues to intensely develop Druk Intro.

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