Madej Wróbel


Madej Wróbel – leading manufacturer of sausages and cold meats in Poland,
sell side to Bruno-Tassi Group

  • Madej Wróbel is a Polish manufacturer of sausages and cold meats with strong national brand, diversified distribution channels and comprehensive product portfolio. The company has over PLN 400 M of revenues and above average profitability in the sector.
  • Investor – Bruno Tassi Group – recognizing the high attractiveness of Madej Wróbel brand and position on the market was chosen as preferred investor from interested other strategic buyers and private equity funds.
  • Merger of Polish meat processors Unimięs, ZM Peklimar with Madej Wróbel creates one of the country’s largest meat processing groups with revenues exceeding PLN 1 billion in meat processing segment only.
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