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    Polmed S.A. is a leading player on the Polish private healthcare market. The Company through the network of its own centres and about 2,500 partners offers ambulatory care services

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    KCR S.A. – global supporter of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices industries in clinical-trials Headquartered in Berlin, Germany KCR is the Contract Research Organization (CRO), which hires more than

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    Holistic Clinic

    Holistic Clinic – leading chain of aesthetic medicine clinics in Poland Holistic Clinic offers unique and innovative concept of services. The clinic was found back in 2014 by Krzysztof

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    Nettle S.A. – provider of DTP services, claims management and financing of medical investments Nettle served the delivery of medicines to 15,000 pharmacies and over 1,000 hospitals and clinics

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    Gekoplast S.A. – leading European manufacturer of polypropylene cellular and solid boards and value-added packaging products Gekoplast S.A with estimated 30% market share in Central and Eastern Europe has

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    Jantoń – leading producer of alcoholic beverages in Poland, acquiring an investor for Jantoń – Private Equity Fund Enterprise Investors Jantoń’s core products are wines, ciders and FABs (flavored

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    Integer SA – Owner of the largest parcel network in Europe and one of the largest courier companies in Poland The advisory for SA in the transaction involving: