Dystrybucja Polska Sp. z o.o.


Transaction Background

– Dystrybucja Polska sp. z o.o. („DP”) is a leading distributor of unaddressed mail distributing over 95 million of mails monthly. The company scope of activity includes postal services across Poland as well.
– The company management following the vast development of the company decided to raise additional capital to support further growth of DP.

Our Role

– Verification of planned growth strategy for DP.
– Completing financial analysis of the company to determine its financial needs.
– Shortlisting the most appropriate financial investors.
– Managing the competitive investor sourcing process.
– Managing and closing the transaction process.


– Sale of minority stake in DP to private equity fund Enterprise Investors.
– Raising of additional capital from private equity fund Enterprise Investors needed to finance further dynamic growth of the company.
– Acquiring of 33% stake in the company by Enterprise Investors.

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