Swisscom AG


Transaction Background

– Swisscom AG is one of the largest telecommunications operators in the world, listed on several European stock exchanges, with capitalization in excess of CHF 25 billion.
– The management of Swisscom AG decided to switch its focus away from developing its presence in Central Europe. As a result, all subsidiaries operating in the region were to be sold, including the Polish company

Our Role

– Conducting a detailed financial and operational analysis, and identifying the competitive advantages of
– Preparing to the sale process.
– Shortlisting the most appropriate financial and Polish industry investors.
– Managing the competitive sourcing process of a capital investor.
– Managing and closing the transaction process.


– Swisscom AG sells 100% of its shares to the largest independent telecommunications operator in Poland, the stock exchange-listed Netia S.A.
– continues dynamic development in Netia’s organizational structures.

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